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    New Design Bus & Coach Monitors

New Design Bus and Coach Monitors available in 5 different sizes.

  • TJ1545: 15.6 Inch LED Backlight LCD Monitor (Aspect ratio16:9)
  • TJ1945: 18.5 Inch LED Backlight LCD Monitor (Aspect ratio16:9)
  • TJ1946: 19.0 Inch LED Backlight LCD Monitor (Aspect ratio16:10)
  • TJ2245: 21.5 Inch LED Backlight LCD Monitor (Aspect ratio16:9)
  • TJ2445: 23.6 Inch LED Backlight LCD Monitor (Aspect ratio16:9)
  • TJ2745: 27.0 Inch LED Backlight LCD Monitor (Aspect ratio16:9)  


 Company Profile 

Starting in 1982, Leo Wijnhoven is your specialist in viewing and listening pleasure in Bus and Coach. 
Everyone desires a comfortable trip. In addition to comfortable seats, the modern traveller increasingly looks for optimal viewing and listening pleasure.
Equipment from Leo Wijnhoven ensures a pleasant journey for all. Leo Wijnhoven offers a complete range of audio, video and security equipment for mobile usage.
Knowledge and experience form the basis for Leo Wijnhoven's client-oriented approach, in which quality and durability are of highest attention. We are a flexible company, who can provide the knowledge and experience needed for any assignment.
You can also safely entrust the installation of the systems to us. Our technicians have many years of experience in developing and installing audio, video and security equipment.
Leo Wijnhoven has high quality standards and supplies reliable, long-lived equipment. In addition to products from traditional suppliers, Leo Wijnhoven also installs equipment which we have developed by ourselves. We have three registered brandsTravelsound®Traveljoy® and Travelsafe®  to serve as the company's business cards.

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